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Usual care needs to be taken. Children can do this hike but with many drop-offs, close supervision would be advised. The climb to Jorihorn is more difficult than the regular loop with exposure on both sides, steep slippery slopes and rock clambering required. Keep in mind, I did this hike in October so it would be much safer all around if there was no snow.

The hike is near Davos and begins directly at the Wagerhus Bus Stop. This is on google maps just type in Wagerhus Bahnhof.

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At the bus stop, there is parking available in a designated parking lot, so you can drive here and park at the bus stop with no fee also. The hike is a loop hike or an out and back hike depending on your route. Important to note is that you will finish in the same spot you started at the Wagerhus Bahnhof. Make sure you check the schedules of the bus in this region if you stay for sunset like us. We drove and parked so it was simple for us but you can stay for sunset and still catch the bus back to the nearby train stations.

We made a few little detours to viewpoints as you can see and, of course, we summitted Joihorn. Jorihorn is not part of the normal loop but only takes about minutes to reach from the trail intersection so I highly recommend heading up there to the cross. You can download my map in GPX form to use on your Garmin or smartwatch by clicking here.

The starting point for the Joriseen Hike is the Wagerhu bus stop as I mentioned before pictured above.

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We parked in the parking lot next to the bus stop and set off on our way up the hill. It was October, so the grass had an orange tinge and snow covered the higher stages of the trail. The hike begins with a series of switchbacks on a well-defined and well-marked trail.

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The views back through the valley are quite impressive with one main highway striking through the base of the mountains on either side. You can take the loop in either direction, but I advise starting on the right-hand side of the loop, that way you can be at Jorihorn or the viewpoint above the three lakes for sunset. The Joriseen hike has two sections with solid incline. From the first moment of the hike until you reach the ridge, you are basically in climbing mode, grabbing more than m of incline in the first few kilometers.

With snowfall covering lots of the trail, we had an interesting time staying on track as we clambered over the rocks trying to maintain close proximity to the correct route.

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The Wagerhus Bus Station. At this point in the trail, you are at around 2,m so climbing consistently feels just that little bit harder with the oxygen beginning to thin. The final ascent to the ridge is quite steep and slippery with loose gravel so take care in this section. Once you reach the ridge you will get a view of the first two glacial lakes. In the summer they may be surrounded by green grass but for us, they contrasted magnificently with a striking blue cast against the white snow.

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