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From that moment on, his mind could focus solely on this piece of information.

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He could imagine only the worst-case scenario for his reunion with Esau. It took frantic and extreme preparations, including prayer and solitude, on Jacob's part to enable him to put this reunion into a proper perspective. So what can we learn from Jacob in this instance? How can planning for a homecoming or a reunion be helpful? When can such plans be misguided?

What time do we set aside for reflection so that our preparations are internal as well as external, proactive and not only reactive? As you travel home or welcome friends and family into your home on this or any other holiday weekend, remember: If you're carrying baggage with you and who among us isn't? Jacob and Esau leave each other in peace, but the cost for Jacob was a permanent disability—a strain in his thigh.

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Genesis All family conflicts exact some price, but achieving peace between siblings is well worth it. There are almost as many ways to observe Shabbat as there are Jewish people, but they each usually feature pleasure oneg , community kehillah , and rest menucha. If you're curious about Judaism, thinking of converting, or know someone who is, here are some excellent resources to learn more about Judaism.

The Eternal One spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying: "This is the ritual law that the Eternal has commanded: Instruct the Israelite people to bring you a red cow without blemish, in which there is no defect and on which no yoke has been laid. Want to explore Reform Judaism but have no in-person opportunities to study? This class is for you! Reform Zionism is a continuation of the early Zionist dream to foster a living, breathing national culture that represents the highest ideals of Jewish peoplehood.

What does it mean to stand up for your people unequivocally if they physically harm you because they disagree with you so vehemently? Features the phrase "Well-behaved women rarely make history" and the WRJ logo. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. D'var Torah By:. Susan Silverman.

Questions for Discussion After his meeting with Esau, Jacob arrives safely at his destination of Shechem: The Torah describes him as arriving shalem , "whole.

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    Genesis Jacob's preparations for the reunion are intense, elaborate, and exhausting. Reference Materials:. When do we read Vayishlach. Vayishlach Commentaries. Struggling With a Deceitful Heart.

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    Vayishlach for Teens: Shabbat Sha-raps. When have I experienced the release of forgiveness?

    This method would prove invaluable for discerning our inner opposition to wholeness with as much self-honesty as possible. How certain I had been that any difficulties in our marriage and family relationships had been resolved. How blind we had been to the numerous scripture warnings concerning the testing of faith. Nor had we come to appreciate the creative purpose of the crises of life--the endurance and strength they call forth, and the way they have of re-directing life in the way it needs to go.

    Deep inner-healings had taken place in our lives, but the process by which true inner freedom is attained had only begun. There were still unhappy memories underlying unconscious attitudes that would have to come to light in order to be transformed. We would have to see that as Jesus taught, healing comes not from without but from within, and transformation through conscious, prayerful cooperation with the process. As an outward indication of the need for still deeper healing, Bob suffered another pancreatitis attack, one so severe that only the miraculous power of God saved his physical life.

    Nor was it through a particular person his healing came; rather through the love, concern, and prayers of many, and through his own willingness to face and to work with his inner conflicting attitudes. Again it was Christmas time. Under the tree that year was a present from Bob to me. In the five days that followed this book and a picture of Jesus would sustain my faith and hope, as repeatedly--a hundred times a day--fear and despair threatened to overtake my mind. On the day after Christmas, Bob was on his way to a retreat with our oldest son and three other college students.

    Suddenly and violently he was taken ill. Young Robert was driving, and, when it became apparent that his father could not hazard the trip over the Santa Cruz mountains, he headed back for the Los Gatos Hospital. There Bob was diagnosed as undergoing a life-threatening attack of pancreatitis.

    The doctor telephoned me in Lodi to come immediately. Within minutes I was on my way, leaving seventeen-year-old Willy in charge of six-month-old Joseph, and also Conal, Louisa and Anna who were then ages eight, nine and eleven. Intuitive guidance led me to call our friend Earl and asked him to drive me to Los Gatos. Intuitively I had known he would believe with me that Bob could survive this attack. On that long, long two hour drive to Los Gatos, Earl was my faith-link. In that way an unbroken connection with the Source from which the answer was coming could be maintained.

    Providentially, as I passed the table near the door on my way out, my eyes fell on the book Bob had given me. Picking it up I took it with me, little realizing the sustaining power within its pages. I recall little about those first five days at Los Gatos. We had many prayer-oriented friends in the area.

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    One was Lucille Bayer, long-time CFOer, who took me into her faith-filled home where several prayer groups met regularly. During those first five days only ministers and I were permitted into the Intensive Care Unit, and for only five minutes out of each hour. Those other fifty-five minutes I spent in the hospital chapel. In the chapel I would take a chair opposite a life-size portrait of Jesus. Then I would look into the face of Jesus and try to open myself to an inflow from him into me.

    How thankful I was to Frank Laubach for his teaching about the inherent power in pictures of Jesus, and to Genevieve Parkhurst who had shared her own dramatic healing experience while looking at a picture of Jesus. The artist had portrayed a person of tremendous power but whose eyes revealed a gentle compassion.

    Climbing Jacob's Ladder: One Man's Journey to Rediscover a Jewish Spiritual Tradition

    As I looked into these eyes I would feel absorbed into his presence and filled with his power and his love. Then, in this state of consciousness, I would go into I. If I tried to pray some other way my mind would be invaded by anxiety and doubt. Yet they feared moving him even those few miles. Their prognosis was dismal. As I left the hospital late that night despair had very nearly possessed me. That did it. My brave facade crumbled. All my fears and doubts came pouring out.

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    Someone had brought a recording to the meeting--sounds of the sea, of waves breaking on the beach. It was suggested that I lay down on the floor and allow those present to gather around and pray for me. With the sound of the sea in the background and the power of love flowing through the many hands laid on me, I gradually began to relax. Then their hands began to lift me--higher and higher--rocking me and singing to me. As they did I felt a great burden passing from me into their hands.

    For five days now I had been trying desperately to hang on to faith and hope.