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While alcohol can be a good lubricant for the vocally challenged, it is also fun to play with kids. At least until your friends 8yo busts out with some NWA. Also, I recommend instituting the No Bible School rule. My former roommate and her cousin would constantly bust out with these Noah in his boat or Moses on the mountain lyrics that NO ONE had ever heard before.

Carcassonne is great for smaller numbers of people, whereas SushiGo party version works well with more. Ticket to Ride is my new addiction! There is a beautiful game about birds, Wingspan, which has gorgeous bird cards, and is all about attracting birds to different habitats. My kids are teens, and we all love Splendor. You are each competing Renaissance jewel merchants, and the cards are beautifully illustrated.

Thanks for all the good suggestions!

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Buying the dinosaur theme park one for my nephew immediately! I love most of these games, but Exploding Kittens can be a bit frustrating. Other games I recommend:. Makes for some hilarious roleplaying. Tokaido, in which you are a tourist traveling the Tokaido Road in feudal Japan and collecting souvenirs along the way.

Nefarious, in which you are all supervillains competing to build the best superweapon or the biggest army of minions to conquer the world!

A really fun game for competitive families. Oh, and one more: Evolution. Build and adapt creatures to be the fittest to survive in their changing world. Adapt to withstand weather conditions, predators, and varying food supplies.

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This also has a couple of expansion packs to add things like flight or swimming. There are some fantastic recommendations here. I would add Raccoon Tycoon, Clank! There is a great website Boardgamegeek dot com with forums, games lists, descriptions, recommendations, etc. There is a great website Boardgamegeek dot com with forums, game lists, descriptions, recommendations, etc.

It was funny and then not so funny to have to explain some of the cards to our son. We muddled through that night and waited for his interest to die down and then it just disappeared.

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He also wanted to play with friends and we absolutely did not allow that. It was one thing to explain dildos to our son and horrifying to think about what would happen if other kids saw those cards. I would add Settlers of Catan. And if you are feeling devious, Dungeonlords is one of my favorites, but beware: it will take time to learn 6 hours when we first played.

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We have it down to 1. Little known card game is Lunch Money.

The folks that do Cyanide and Happiness have a card game called Joking Hazard. You build comic strips.

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Definitely for adults. And Exploding Kittens has expansion packs now. Cards Against Humanity is fantastic. I love Lost Cities! Carcassone is the perfect example of a game I really wanted to like, but my husband won every single time. Our advanced telestration and tracking options take video feedback to the next level.

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