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Also a freshman English class sparked his interest in literature, and he began to read poetry and novels.


Despite his growing love for reading, Anaya continued to lament the absence of any authors who could serve as mentors for his unique Mexican-American experience. He took a teaching position in a small New Mexico town and continued to practice his writing everyday. In he married Patricia Lawless, who supported her husband's desire to write and served as his editor. During the s, Anaya taught junior high and high school during the day and worked on his writing after school and in the evenings, struggling to find his literary voice.

Although he conjured up images of his past, he found that he was writing in a style foreign to that past. The words and the characters would not mix. Then Anaya had something of a mystical experience that pushed him toward the development of his own unique Mexican-American style. As he labored over his writing one night, he turned to see an elderly woman dressed in black standing in his room.

This vision spurred the writer into action and a story began to flow from his pen, inspiring his first novel, Bless Me, Ultima. The old woman in black he had seen that night became Ultima, a healer who helps the story's main character find his way in a coming-of-age story. Antonio is befriended by Ultima, a kindly curandera, healer, who has come to stay with Antonio's family.

Through Ultima, Antonio discovers the mysteries of the plains surrounding him and learns how to use its plants for medicinal purposes. But when Ultima heals Antonio's uncle from curses placed on him by a family of witches, Tenorio Tremen-tina, the witches' father, declares war against Ultima.

Elena Anaya reveals the secret motives and tragic history behind her Wonder Woman villain

Much of the drama of the novel grows from the conflict between Ultima and Trementina, which plays out as a struggle between good and evil. Another theme of the book is Antonio's struggle to understand his place in the world. Like Anaya's own history, the boy is pulled between his father's wandering life of a vaquero and his mother's harmonic, grounded existence with the earth itself. He also contemplates his future—as a priest, as his mother desires, or as a scholar, as Ultima predicts.

And, he questions the validity of his Catholic faith that seems helpless against pain and suffering while Ultima's magic heals. His struggles are exemplified in his discovery of a golden carp in the river, which as told in local folklore is a god.

40. A Celebration of Grandfathers by Rudolfo A. Anaya

To simply suppose the carp may share divinity with God becomes a question of meaning that feels to Antonio like a betrayal of his mother's faith, yet it is a question he cannot help but ask. Although Bless Me, Ultima would receive wide acclaim upon its publication, Anaya faced serious struggles in finding a publisher who would accept his manuscript, which incorporated both English and Spanish words.

Sending inquiries out to numerous publishers, he received back a rejection from all of them, most often because his writing was too Latino in style and language. The mainstream publishers weren't taking anything Chicano and we had nowhere to go. For us, living in a bilingual world, it was very normal to allow Spanish into a story written in English—it's a process that reflects our spoken language—but [in approaching mainstream publishers] I was always called on it.

Without the small academic, ethnic, and university presses, we'd never have gotten our work published. Finally, Anaya happened on an advertisement from Quinto Sol Publications, a small press in California, inviting authors to submit manuscripts.

Bless Me, Ultima became a reality in , seven years after Anaya had first begun writing the novel. Critics responded enthusiastically to the book, noting that it provided a new, refreshing offering to Chicano literature, and it was awarded the Premio Quinto Sol Award for the best Chicano novel of The new author would find fame among Chicano readers and scholars. With his new-found acclaim, Anaya secured a faculty position at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, where he remained as teacher and adviser until he retired in The novel tells the story of the Chavez family, who is forced to moved from their family farm to the barrios of Albuquerque.

While the father attempts to fight the oppressive forces that surround him, his children succumb to the temptations of sex, drugs, and alcohol, and the family is torn apart. Tortuga, Anaya's third novel, published in , completed a loosely tied trilogy that focused on the Chicano experience over several generations. Tortuga is set in a sanitarium for terminally ill teenagers. The main character is a teenage boy who lies in the hospital in a full body cast, partially paralyzed and unable to move.

He is nicknamed Tortuga, which means Turtle in Spanish, because of his cast. In despair, he tries to kill himself, but through the wisdom of another boy who is terminally ill, Tortuga learns to accept and appreciate his life. The book was well received and was considered by some critics to be Anaya's most complete and accomplished work. Following the completion of Tortuga, Anaya branched out, experimenting with writing plays, short stories, poems, documentaries and travel journals, and children's stories. His short stories were collected as The Silence of Llano, A Chicano in China, was a nonfiction account of Anaya's travels to China.

In he published an epic poem, The Adventures of Juan Chicaspatas. Anaya also served as an editor for numerous publications, as well as a translator and contributor to other Chicano works. In Anaya published Alburquerque the original spelling of the city's name , the first in a new series of linked novels.

The second novel, the highly praised murder mystery Zia Summer, followed in Rio Grande Fall was released in , and the final installment of the loosely linked quartet was Shaman Winter, published in Jalamanta: A Message from the Desert, published in was yet another departure in style for Anaya. The story, which employed allegory to tell a mythical story, was panned by critics, one of Anaya's few missteps during his thirty years of writing. In Anaya wrote another epic poem, this time aimed at middle and high school students.

At a Glance . . .

Elegy on the Death of Cesar Chavez celebrated the life and struggles of the famed Chicano labor leader. The dust jacket and author notes provided factual details, and the poem moved the reader between grief and hope of a rallying cry for action.

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